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Our Story

We launched SF Digital Labs to harness the power of data and digital for good. The UK faces many challenges. Increasing inequality. Limited funding. Eroding services.

We saw the potential of data and digital to help overcome these obstacles. But, there are risks. Data and digital can enable the personalisation of services - making them more convenient and impactful. At the same time, there is increasing potential for data and digital to intentionally exclude or further discriminate.

To harness the power of data and digital to improve services and outcomes and create a fairer society – a new type of organisation was needed. One that starts with the social problem and has the skills to rethink how we solve them. This required creating a multi-disciplinary organisation of government and social sector practitioners, technologists, ethicists, service designers, product managers, user researchers, and data scientists.

Together, we work in partnership with organisations to design, build, and embed solutions that enable their services to better respond to and empower those who’ve been disadvantaged.

Our Work

Our solutions help the social and public sectors to better address entrenched social problems.

Our Story

Our goal is to enable the public and social sectors to deliver life changing services to vulnerable people.

  • Summer 2015

    Social Finance Digital Labs Launched

    We launched Social Finance Digital Labs to harness the power of technology to help our social and public sector partners solve entrenched social problems.

  • Autumn 2015

    Edge of Care Commissioning Tool

    Digital Labs builds analysis tool that helps local authorities better understand the care journeys of children and the cost implications of not providing preventative support. The tool has helped nine local authorities rethink their approach to supporting children on the edge of care.

  • Spring 2016

    Analyst Workbench

    Digital Labs develops an interactive decision tree tool as part of the Analyst Workbench to support Manchester and Newcastle better understand the drivers on young people being ‘not in education, employment or training’.

  • Autumn 2016

    Children's Services Learning Community

    Digital Labs begins prototyping the Children’s Services Benchmarking Tool that will enable local authorities to easily surface operationally relevant insights and share-best practice.

  • Summer 2017

    Leaving Well

    Digital Labs starts co-development with three local authorities (Leeds, Havering and Southampton) to digitally-enable care leaver services to ensure young people successfully transition into adulthood.

  • Autumn 2017

    Data Diagnostic

    Our data diagnostic discovery process for local and central government (e.g. DfE) enables them to better understand their data assets and identify how to best use them to inform key decisions across Early Years, Early Help, Care, Education, and NEETs.

  • Spring 2018

    Evidencing Prevention

    Digital Labs develops person-centred data model to enable authorities to understand child journeys through different local services and evidence the impact of preventative support such as Early Years and Early Help.

Our Team

We have a passion for helping the social and public sectors deliver life-changing services and a proven-track record of innovation and social impact.

Blair Seiler

Blair has a background in economic data analytics and is interested in using data in innovative ways to improve outcomes for young people.

Daniel Miodovnik

Dan knows the issues. He left public policy and the States to study stats and has worked on everything from children’s services to criminal justice.

Kaj Siebert

Kaj is a former astrophysicist and fintech entrepreneur who now specialises in ethical data science and data-enabled public services.

Jess Hughes-Nind

Jess studied languages at university and now wants to help develop common data models and metrics to help local authorities better speak to each other about children in care.

Adam Beaudoin

Adam is from Canada and has a background in healthcare and startups. He loves working with multidisciplinary teams to build great products for meaningful problems.

Marie-Alphie Dallest

Marie-Alphie is searching for new insights to help us better understand Children’s Services departments and find inspiration for our next products.

Matthew Pugh

Matthew is a former mathematics teacher who decided in his thirties that he wanted to build back end services for more than just the classroom.

Olly Southwick

Olly is a former mathematician and consultant. He works to turn data into the insights people need to make better decisions.

Robert Pollock

Robert is a former Treasury civil servant. He helps translate the innovative techy data stuff so commissioners can understand how it will help them achieve greater impact.

Sara Guerreiro de Sousa

Sara has a background in Mathematics and Finance and skills in Data Science and Machine Learning. She believes in the good use of data to enable better decision processes and generate more social impact.

Toby Eccles

Toby left finance, then tech, then grantmaking before launching Social Finance and is now getting social organisations and government talking data and tech.

Ashni Shah

From Newcastle to Kenya, Ashni helps governments and non-profits find ways to better support those who need it most.

Join the Digital Labs Team

We’re on a mission to empower people with the technology they need to improve the lives of vulnerable people across the UK – come join us!

Come and work with leaders from tech, finance and government to build products that empower people to tackle entrenched social problems.

You’re the kind of person who looks around at the world and sees important, fundamental social problems that need solving. You want to use your talents to make the world a better place. You’re looking for a big new challenge.

We’re actively hiring for engineers, data scientists, product managers, user researchers, and ux designers. And we’re always excited to talk with smart people from any background who share our mission. Have a look at our current vacancies and contact us at

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